What is Emotional AI

Emotional AI offers exciting possibilities. It is more than just smart – it is empathic. It promises personalised experiences based on anticipation and assistance. This develops intimacy through understanding you.

Emotional AI curates content for you through

Reading moods by sensing emotions.

Developing intimacy by immediate interactions.

Changing habits by encounters of serendipity.


The Mūdies

Emily is part of the consumer group we would design for, the Mūdies. The current issue is the repetitive content we receive, as the algorithm curates based on past content behaviour. The leads to low memorability and routinised behaviour aka scrolling, watching and binging.

Who is Emily?

Emily is 23 years old.

She appears tough but cries at her favourite singer’s songs. 

When Emily’s at work, she listens to some comedy – La Culturistas – a fun podcast about everything.

During a bout of insomnia she listens to a TedTalk or some music.


With sound interfaces and create moments where…

We want to build a better listening experience for the younger generation using UI and UX design. Empathic AI opens new doors to innovate sound interfaces and so the question remains:

How do front-end designers develop sound interfaces into an empathic medium using components of emotional AI for the younger generation?